Student Life

Student Life

Fisher Island Day School (FIDS) is a co-educational, independent day school, which serves students enrolled in Early Learning (age 2) through Grade 8. The lush, tranquil, and safe setting of Fisher Island Day School—accessible only via an eight-minute ferry ride from Miami Beach—is second to none for our toddler through middle-school explorers. Our island environment is a classroom in and of itself and our teachers take full advantage of the setting.

In addition to a rigorous academic experience, FIDS students benefit from a rich and diverse student life, including the following:

1. Community Service
At FIDS, we believe that it is our spiritual and civic duty to serve others in need. FIDS’s community service embodies our core values of responsible citizenship, courtesy, and respect for others. We require each middle school student to complete at least one community-service experience as a graduation requirement.

2. Family Involvement
FIDS encourages its families to participate in our vast array of school community activities, such as attending Parent Association meetings, participating in fundraising, family social events, etc.

3. Athletics
Fisher Island Day School develops mind, body, and spirit. In addition to daily physical education and twice-daily recess, the FIDS athletic program strives to develop confident, enthusiastic, and disciplined athletes who utilize their full physical potentials and learn the value of teamwork and the importance of sportsmanship. By harnessing the sports venues on Fisher Island and partnering with community-based youth sports organizations, FIDS is able to offer competitive sports on par with those offered at much larger schools. Fisher Island Day School athletes have use of the island’s 19 tennis courts, nine-hole golf course, and the multi-acre Vanderbilt Park to hone their athletic specialties. Sports include:

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Cross Country/Running Club

  • Golf

  • Soccer

  • Tennis

  • Volleyball

4. Extracurricular Programs
Fisher Island Day School students pursue their passions in extracurricular activities in all grade levels through the following offerings:

  • Art Club

  • Broadcasting

  • Chess

  • Dance

  • Drama Club (Miami Children’s Theater)

  • Glee Club

  • Guitar

  • Odyssey of the Mind®

  • Pottery

  • Yearbook