About Us/Pillars of Success

Pillars of Success

A Respected Institution

  • Exemplary education for students from 2 years of age to Grade 8
  • Small class sizes – The average class size at FIDS is 11 students. 
  • Low student-teacher ratio – 6:1 ratio
  • Differentiation of instruction to provide for academic acceleration
  • Standardized test scores compare favorably with leading independent school norms
  • 100 percent graduate admission rate to prestigious secondary schools
  • Highly regarded STEM program based on Next Gen standards
  • 78% of the faculty hold graduate degrees
  • Fully accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools

An Enriched Educational Experience

  • Leading-edge technology, including one device per child
  • Extensive extracurricular programs and sports, with an average of 25+ extracurricular clubs, team sports, and activities
  • Related-arts program staffed by practicing artists
  • Professional-quality production shows and presentations
  • World-language instruction as integral curriculum components
  • Complimentary, daily, after-school study hall
  • Educational field trips to cultural institutions and museums
  • Extensive extracurricular programs and sports
  • Use of bucolic Fisher Island as a classroom resource

A Safe and Nurturing Community

  • Located on safe and secure Fisher Island
  • On-site organic private chef
  • Daily physical education and recess
  • Nurse-staffed health clinic
  • Best practices for hydration, sun, and water safety
  • Daily mindfulness rituals
  • School counselor-led programs to enhance students’ social-emotional well-being and executive functioning

“When a school is able to trigger a child’s curiosity and inspire a love of learning and challenge – that is a magical manifestation. That is exactly what FIDS did for us.”

Brigitta Herzfeld, FIDS Parent