About Us/Mission & VIsion

Mission & Vision


Fisher Island Day School is dedicated to preparing children for entrance into competitive high schools, for responsible citizenship, and for ongoing learning to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.


  • We pursue high levels of academic achievement to ensure that all children realize their full potentials.
  • We differentiate instruction at all grade levels to address the academic needs of gifted and high-achieving students.
  • We strive to create a secure and comfortable environment, one in which children are encouraged to actively investigate their world, recognize their strengths, and learn from their mistakes. This process of learning is as important as the skills mastered or the facilities gained.
  • We stimulate healthy academic and social development by directly engaging our students with learning materials that are developmentally appropriate and which are presented in a variety of learning modes.
  • We expect all members of our school community to show courtesy, respect, and genuine appreciation for the feelings, ideas, and work of others.
  • We promote a close and positive working relationship between the school and the home.