Fisher Island Day School (FIDS) is an academically rigorous, co-educational, independent day school, which serves students enrolled in Early Learning (age 2) through Grade 8. FIDS is uniquely located on beautiful and safe Fisher Island, accessible only via an eight-minute ferry ride from Miami Beach.

A Respected Institution

  • Exemplary education for students from 2 years of age to Grade 8
  • Small class sizes – The average class size at FIDS is 11 students. All classes are capped at 15 students.
  • Low student-teacher ratio – 6:1 ratio
  • Differentiation of instruction to provide for academic acceleration
  • Standardized test score performance in the top 25th percentile
  • 100 percent graduate admission rate to prestigious secondary schools
  • Highly regarded STEM program based on Next Gen standards
  • 70% of the faculty hold graduate degrees
  • Fully accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools
About Us - Fisher Island Day School (FIDS)
About Us - Fisher Island Day School (FIDS) - Challenging Curriculum

Challenging Curriculum

Fisher Island Day School’s rigorous curriculum was developed in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. FIDS’s curriculum exceeds the norms of established independent schools in New York City and San Francisco. It emphasizes rigorous instruction and critical thinking in core-content subjects, as well as through related-arts coursework, such as art, music, physical education, and world languages. The school boasts a 6:1 student-teacher ratio, and the average class size at FIDS is 11 students, which allows for a high level of personalized instruction.

Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Fisher Island Day School provides the lowest student-teacher ratio of any South Florida independent school. With an impressive, overall 6:1 student-teacher ratio, the average class size at FIDS is 11 students. All classes are capped at 15 students.

Advanced Faculty

Exceptional teachers are the heart of the Fisher Island Day School community with over 70% of our faculty holding graduate degrees. The faculty is one of the school’s greatest strengths, and the success of the students is testimony to the teaching and learning that are part of the everyday curriculum. The culture of respect for each child’s abilities and the interest the faculty demonstrates in helping each child succeed are a vital part of the culture of the school. The school’s leadership team values professional development and offers abundant opportunities for teacher growth. While striving for excellence, teachers recognize that they are doing more than conveying knowledge. They are instilling in their students the qualities of strength of character, integrity, leadership, generosity, and compassion for others.


The Fisher Island Day School Campus was designed with learning in mind.  The lush, tranquil, and safe setting of Fisher Island Day School provides the perfect environment for optimal teaching and learning.  Our island environment is a classroom in and of itself, and our teachers take full advantage of the setting.  While indoors, our students benefit from abundant natural light through windowed classrooms and workspaces.  Even the Gymnasium benefits from an array of windows, which bathes the gym’s interior with natural light.

Fisher Island Day School’s state-of-the-art facility includes four buildings—including a gymnasium—that can accommodate approximately 170 children in Early Learning (age 2)  through Grade 8, and which house some of the most advanced educational computer technology available today.  In addition, our facility includes an art/music center, a commercial kitchen directed by a private organic chef, a nurse-staffed health clinic, a regulation-sized gymnasium, a library/media center, and a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) lab.

Fisher Island Day School’s flexible intranet, classroom Internet access, and SmartBoards allow teachers to utilize Internet content, video, photography, games, worksheets, data, music, and art as tools for planned lessons and spontaneous “teachable moments.”  All information shared on the SmartBoard becomes content that can be saved, printed, and reviewed at a later date.  In addition, teachers communicate regularly with parents at home describing the specific class work being done by the students and information on both classroom-specific and school-wide events.

Fisher Island Day School’s playgrounds—one for ages two through five and one for ages five and older— were designed by Kompan® to entice, excite, and exercise children while keeping them safe.  The playground footing is exceptionally shock absorbing.


Fisher Island Day School (FIDS) is accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS).  The last accreditation took place in the fall of 2019.  The next one will take place in 2025.  In addition, FIDS is a member school of the National Association of Independent Schools.

Fisher Island Day School’s Early Learning Program is licensed as a Child Care Facility through the State of Florida Department of Children and Families.

Active Board

The Fisher Island Day School Board of Trustees is comprised of Fisher Island Club equity members and noted educators from the community at large. The Board of Trustees, our school leadership team, faculty, and families consistently maintain enthusiasm for what Fisher Island Day School has been and what it is yet to become. Our stable leadership, which is strong and visionary, continually looks for ways to enhance and improve what has been created and sustained in our brief history.

Jana P. Neff, President & Board Chair
Vera A. Hirsh, Vice President & Secretary
Brian R. Neff, Treasurer
Michael J. Bell
James L. Ferraro
Donald S. MacKenzie
Laurie B. Melnick
Katherine A. Parsons
Ernest M. Rudyak


For further information, please contact:

Ms. Mary Reiling
Director of Admissions/Development
Fisher Island Day School
(305) 531-2350


About Us - Fisher Island Day School (FIDS)